College the easy way: How to get a fake degree, and how it stacks up against the real thing

Connect with us and we’ll help you answer that question based upon your past experience, qualifications and academics. Many creative parents may strive to make a fake degree for their students and present that to them. Grateful children will probably appreciate the effort that their parents put into it alone and be thankful.
He has over 25 years of B2B commercial leadership experience in data & analytics companies. Rea recommended that employers carefully vet the qualifications of any new employees. “ fake certificate to stop these operators is to remove the demand,” he said.
An effective way to identify fake degrees is to obtain confirmation of the University’s address. By using Google to locate the address provided is an effective way to spot bogus universities. The fundamental rule is, if it doesn’t look like a university website address, it probably isn’t. Perhaps what is most striking is the diversity of fake degrees available.
Three unaccredited schools — Pacific Western University, California Coast University and Kennedy-Western University — provided data showing that 463 of their students were federal employees. If you’ve got the money, you can get your hands on narcotics, fake passports, firearms, even hitmen. And according to Israeli threat intelligence firm Sixgill, many are using it to obtain fake diplomas, and hire hackers to penetrate university computer systems and alter grades. This is where we circle back to the dishonest reasons for getting a fake diploma listed above; with a phony document, a person may be able to garner an acceptance to a college or business that would not otherwise have been offered. The story typically doesn’t conclude with a happy ending, though, as we will see in the following section.
This piece was developed in collaboration with one or more of our writers…. There is no charge for any service unless you place an order for the degree which you applied for. Special agents closed all 3 Florida schools and arrested 25 people for what the feds say was a pay-to-play scheme. The crime ring allegedly sold more than 7,600 bogus nursing certificates. “There’s been no determination of wrongdoing by any type of judicial body.
Whether you’re thinking about purchasing one or doing your utmost to avoid ending up with just such a phony document, pause a moment and read this article. We’ll cover reasons why a person might get a fake diploma, whether it’s legal to get one, and how to make sure any document you obtain is the real deal, not a fake. At Parchment, we value the importance of education and take credential fraud very seriously.
But if you are caught using a fake degree just to make the situation work in your favor of you, you may get into trouble. There are many penalties and punishments that you may need to face. Another thing that you may go through is paying a heavy penalty each year.
We provide some of the most realistic transcripts featuring convincing coursework for a variety of high school and college degree programs. They make great additions to our diplomas or are great as individual documents. Of the over 7,600 people who purchased the fake diplomas and transcripts, around 37 percent or 2,800 passed the necessary exams to practice as a licensed nurse. These individuals worked at hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country. These diploma mills can be hard to detect since they provide all the necessary paperwork, transcripts, and references, and many people even have them listed on their LinkedIn profiles. There have been instances of high-level executives who have lied about earning MBAs and other degrees and were forced to step down when discovered.