Donations, Events, and Ways to Help

This is an excellent add-on fundraiser for larger events, such as school or county festivals/fairs. A fundraiser is a perfect way to raise revenue for your fire department. It involves your department with the community while helping you acquire the resources essential to protecting it. Using one of our fire department fundraising ideas, your department can plan an event the community won’t forget.
The two groups wound up with each getting about half of the centennial refund money, but the firemen were to fire the last shot. The fire department would love to have the opportunity to use the home before it’s torn down to use for training. There is a tax deduction benefit for this; just check with your tax professional. Virginia Waters, who has been a firefighter for almost 22 years, was greeting guests and selling the barbecue sauces. Wilkie created the Firehall Classics Gourmet as a product other fire departments could use to fundraise.
In Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas , it will serve as an Emergency Center and Shelter when our community faces major emergencies such as large wildfires, floods, or other disasters. This is a major Capital Improvement Investment for your community. The Annual Beer and Brats at the Apple Canyon Lake Fire Station (Scales Mound Fire Station 3). Come to your Apple Canyon Lake firehouse for beer and bratwurst. Eat great food, have some fun, and support your local firefighters.
To raise additional revenue, you can also sell tee shirts, calendars, and other accessories. Create a hashtag for the event so you can share live results on the day of the fundraiser. Consider holding a single raffle if your fire department just received an excellent donation. If you have a fundraiser event planned, holding a single raffle at the event might encourage more community members to attend.
The Firefighters Association organizes, hosts, and participates in various fundraising events during the year. All donations brought in are wholly contributed to the Association’s general fund with the occasional specific event that might be earmarked for a unique donation. Regardless of the occasion, all donations made to the Chelan Firefighters Association are taken in gratitude and appreciation and are received with the intent of directly supporting our community. If you are able to sell a lot of a product to more people for less money, then you will be able to reach your fundraising goals with minimal effort by selling a large quantity.